The Fundamental Movement Skills Project Team

 Marsha Chiet

Marsha Chiet - Project Leader

Marsha joined the team in June 2015 and comes with extensive international experience in the education sector, primarily in the area of Physical Education.

Marsha is the main point of contact for providers at a regional level.  She is responsible for the managerial aspects of the project - promotion, monitoring, evaluation, quality assurance, contracts, funding applications and sustainability planning.

 Zsofi web image

Zsofi Szamosi - Project Administrator

Zsofi joined the team in March 2017 and is the first point of contact for both schools and local providers. Zsofi looks after the administrative aspects of the project - enquiries, expressions of interest, booking of programmes, data entry from assessment sheets, invoicing, and maintaining this website.

 Mark Curr

Mark Curr - Sport Relationship Manager

Mark is the overall manager of the project and the main liaison with funding agencies and providers at a national level.