The moveMprove programme is a quality movement learning programme that builds foundation skills for life in a fun and engaging way. It is essential in developing the necessary movement patterns required for competent and confident participation in any sport or recreational activity.

Children can learn foundation skills for life while having heaps of fun with GymSports New Zealand's moveMprove programme. GymSports New Zealand has developed this nationwide foundation skills programme that is delivered by trained movement specialists to upskill young children in their fundamental movement competence.

The moveMprove programme assists children in becoming more competent at movement, enabling them to experience and participate in their chosen sport or activity at a more skilful level. The programme helps to develop the skills required to participate in all types of sports and recreational activities. An expected result is that children will be healthier and happier.

moveMprove is delivered in a social context. Group games and fun activities help to develop listening and thinking skills in a cooperative learning environment. These skills are essential in, and transferable to, the classroom and the home.

moveMprove principles

  • Building the foundation for all sport and recreation activities
  • Increasing children's confidence and independence
  • Encouraging collaboration within peer groups
  • Positive impact on children's behaviour and performance in school
  • 'Educating' rather than 'instructing'
  • All children are kept active for the whole session while having fun
  • Delivered by qualified movement specialists
  • Flexible delivery models

Download moveMprove Programme Information [PDF, 155 KB]