Making a difference on and off the field

The ASB Football in Schools programme, delivered by local football clubs in conjunction with Capital Football, provides the opportunity for students to learn fundamental movement skills in a fun and interactive way.

Primary and intermediate schools have a major role to play in providing opportunities for kiwi kids to participate in sport and recreation. Schools throughout New Zealand present an unprecedented opportunity to engage children in sport en masse with little need for organisation or structure. When the bell rings we hope to see more kids out kicking footballs more often.

Why Football in Schools?

With physical activity levels among kids on the slide, and obesity on the rise, it is critical to get kiwi kids back on track. The benefits of physical activity through sports such as football are that children have better physical fitness, are given the chance to be part of a team, and development of physical skills can lead to greater self-confidence and self-esteem. The latter can flow on to other aspects of their life and have a positive impact on their relationships with peers.

To date, Hutt City Council has received a large amount of feedback concerning the impact this programme is making in the lives of students. It is important to note that benefits transcend the classroom environment. The following comments have been gathered from surveys and interviews undertaken with teachers:

"It is amazing to see the change in students after the 8 week programme. I'm starting to notice students are more confident, more engaging within the classroom, and generally more attentive. I'm not saying that this is a direct result of the programme, but it does seem strange that this always happens straight after the 8 week programme" - Teacher: Dyer Street School.

"The change in students is immense. Students seem full of energy and generally when they come back into the classroom, students seem to react better to instructions and seem to be more focused on their work" - Teacher: Te Kura Maori o Porirua.

Key Facts and Figures for the Football in Schools Programme (2013 January-June)

  • 13 schools    
  • 1599 students    
  • 7 clubs delivering the programme throughout the region    
  • average of 4 coaches per club